Our Policy


Clients must schedule an appointment with at least 12 hours in advance.  There must be a parking space available close to the location with sufficient space for transferring massage table/equipment.  If paid parking is only available, client must reimburse therapist for the parking fee.  


First time clients may cancel at anytime they wish with no cancellation fee.  

Second, and on-going clients must provide a credit card number to be on file.  If on-going clients cancel withing 12 hrs of the appointment, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.  If the therapist arrives and they're is no one located at the destination (without previous communication), they're will be a 100% no-call/no show fee.

Both clients and therapist may choose to cancel the appointment at anytime if desired and clients must agree to pay for the proportional time that was given during the session.


Both clients and therapist are in agreement that the services provided are within the scope or practice of Massage Therapy and should be treated as such.  

If any inappropriate conduct is detected, the session may end at any point and the client must pay for the proportional time that was given during the session.

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