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Sebastian Larrain LMT
Sole-Proprietor of Aim Massage

Therapist Taking Aim - Sebastian Larrain

Sebastian was born and raised in California's Bay Area.  He then moved to Chile when he was 14 and lived there for 17 years, before moving back to the States in 2016.  

It was here that he realized that after feeling unfulfilled in a desk-job career, that he decided to follow a different path; one where he can truly help others, provide some release in the ever-growing stress producing society and to connect with people by becoming a massage therapist.

Since 2010, he has perfected his art and technique to provide healthcare and relaxation to a wide variety of clientele and establishments.

Being a dedicated archer as well, Sebastian noticed that the sport requires a unique usage of anatomy that, like many sports, causes certain aches & pains that can be difficult to alleviate.  Therefore, he took it upon himself to start an in-depth study of the training, anatomy and structure required for archery to perfect a massage modality that will benefit archers everywhere!

The result was: Aim Massage.

The focus of Aim Massage: How are we different?

Aim Massage not only provides your everyday and much needed table massages, but has developed the unique modality of specialized massages focusing on archers and archery practitioners.

- "Isn't that the same as Sports Massage?"

While  Sports Massage focuses on general athlete maintenance and care with most sports, Aim Massage's Archery Massage is focus on the unique and asymmetrical muscle usage and physiology in archery.

We offer our exclusive modality for archery clubs, tournaments and competitions; as well as any member of the public that wishes a more in-depth massage to help him/her with:

- Improving aim / form
- Awareness of personal muscle usage
- Pain/tension release
- Increase training endurance

- And much more...

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